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From nothing to something 

July 25, 2018

Why are you like this? My friend asked

She continued: I mean why you have chosen this way of life of helping others unconditionally unlike any other guys of your age who think of only having a good job and materialistic things.

After thinking for a while I said:

Well. Why I am like this ….May be my upbringing and past is the reason for it .

My father left for heavenly abode when I was 4 years old. My mom is not very well educated lady she dint know where to go, from whom we can get help to survive. She was Very vulnerable in that situation, how to raise two small kids was her only concern.

Being a kid I didn’t have the control of my life, I was just a spectator of things happening around me .Some days were cruel and some day we survived with little happiness .My mother started stitching clothes and worked hard to feed us …and slowly we learned to accept the life the way it is.

Being a bright student I wanted to pursue engineering but had to shift to commerce due to financial constraints. After completion of B Com I started searching for job .many people said u won’t get any job with just B Com degree. I came to Pune in 2012 with meagre amount of money and my Mom’s blessing and started searching job and after many interviews I got the Job.

My Happiness knew no bounds. I worked hard and after two years. when financially I felt bit comfortable, in 2014 I rented a flat and called my mom to come and stay with me.

Life has not been fair to me but It dint made me a bitter person on the contrary I got the mission of my life “To don’t let others go through the same fear and uncertainty that I have been through “

Initially I dint know how to get started..what to do ..How to do? On one fine day an idea struck me that till the age of 21 ,my cousins and other relative use to help me for clothes, books and other necessary material, similarly in big cities people have lot of things to donate but they don’t know where and how?

That was the starting point, for trial I posted an add on quicker “Pl donate clothes “and to my surprise I got 4-5 responses . I went to each and every home and collected the clothes and donated them on Babajan Chowk (near pune railway station)

It was an overwhelming experience. That day the Smile I have seen on those people faces filled my heart with gratitude. I realized how a small act of kindness can give so much of happiness to someone …. ” THIS WAS MY CALLING “

I started posting more ads on social media and attended few social events. At social events I met likeminded people and that’s how I got my volunteers and Mitti ke Rang (MKR) Started. In one year we collected and distributed 2000 books clothes furniture etc .

Rest as they say is history. Now we are operating in 13 states of India and 8 countries worldwide.

Today Mitti ke rang as an organization aims to aid the needs of widows and their children all around the world. I Believe,

“ To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be brilliant ,rich, beautiful or perfect .


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  1. Shweta Singh

    July 31, 2018

    Inspiring ..Keep doing good work.



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