1. What is share story ?

    Share story is an interactive platform wherein you can share real life stories or experiences you have (can be yours or somebody you know.

  2. Why should I share my real feelings or stories on this platform ?

    Good question .This journey of life we are on is a varied one for all, for sure. Our blessings, struggles, hardship, achievements everything teach us life’s lessons and are part of our life story.

    We all have a many stories to tell, whether it’s done badly or done well. Whether it’s hard, easy or makes you angry or cry when you think about it. No matter how it is done our story needs to be told. Because we as individuals, hold too much in and no matter how hard we try WE ALL ARE AFRAID TO SHARE THE “REAL US ”

    Just say it and let the world know because  when you share your story you free yourself and give other people permission to acknowledge their own story.

    Let’s share and connect through our real stories/experiences and build a bridge from one heart to another. You may never know how one sentence of your life story could inspire someone to rewrite their own.

  3. Who can write a story? Is it necessary to write in English?

    Anybody can write and it’s not necessary to write in English .You can write in Hindi or hinglish also .If you are not that good with language still you can write, grammar and all we will take care.

  4. What kind of stories, I can write?

    It can be happy, sad, inspirational, spiritual etc. just has to be real. (Explicit content is  prohibited)

  5. I don’t want to share my real identity?

    Its OK, There is an option to write a story as anonymous.

  6. What will happen once I write a story?

    Your story can be read by all registered members of SHARESTORYIS ,they can like, share and comment on it .Even you can comment and share it on other social media.